Development Through Sports Molding Character Fostering Camaraderie Building Self-Confidence Developing Skill

Development Through Sports

Henry Moran had been an avid sportsman. He believed that the discipline and hard work involved in playing sports was an ideal way to develop character, skill, and self-confidence—all qualities needed to deal with real life.

Molding Character

A major building block in any child's success is character: Perseverance, strength, kindness, patience, and grit. All are qualities that can be development through good sportsmanship.

Fostering Camaraderie

Nothing builds long-lasting friendships better than experiencing both triumphs and hardships together. By creating harmonious teams, we're planting seeds for potentially unbreakable bonds and relationships.

Building Self-Confidence

Win or lose, nothing builds self-confidence more than being able to get ourselves up after a fall. The more we get back up, the greater our drive and passion to chase after our goals and never give up.

Developing Skill

There's no such thing as an overnight success. Sports teaches us that. Practice and patience and the foundations to developing any skill. With practice comes perfection, and eventually, a fruitful life.

Helping improve the plight of the poor through community development, education, and livelihood since 2009.

Community Development

By providing socialized housing for the less fortunate, we are able to give these families the chance and the opportunity to focus on the more critical task of finding work and making a living. Having a roof over their heads already provides much comfort and relief, enough to help keep them hoping and believing that life can change for the better.


Our entry point to helping the less fortunate has always been through football programs for children and teens, as well as training for football coaches. We believe that by encouraging sports, we also give these kids greater persistence in pursuing their studies: aiming for scholarships, and going after opportunities to play for bigger and better schools.


Our partnerships with Gawad Kalinga, Tuloy sa Don Bosco, Manila Boys’ Town, Nayon ng Kabataan in Mandaluyong, and other organizations, have allowed us to not only help provide homes for the less fortunate, but opportunities to enrich their lives and uplift them from their poverty.